Ihr Eberl Hattenhofen

Delicacies all year long, only at Eberls!

Traditional Bavarian and local food is still cherished at our restaurant.

“The right soup”

Soup is the common starter for a good and rich meal in Bavarian restaurants.

We offer soups with homemade liver dumplings, liver noodles, sausage meat dumplings and noodles, and, for special occasions, our “Festtagssoup” with liver noodles, sausage meat dumplings and stripes of pancakes...cream soups are available as well.

A very special soup is our “Holy-Thursday soup” with 7 fresh spring herbs.

“Good meat is our priority”

As we are one of the last Restaurants with our own butcher shop around Fürstenfeldbruck, our priority is the high quality and freshness of our meat and our sausages!

At Easter, we offer a variety of lamb dishes, on church anniversary, we have roasted geese and ducks, in autumn and winter we offer many venison dishes, with hare, boar and deer.

Our delicious stuffed veal-breast is still made by the recipe of our great-grandmother, who learned to cook in the monastery school in Markt Indersdorf. It is only available on Sundays and Holidays!

Our traditional Bavarian beef dishes can be enjoyed in our restaurant and the fresh meat and sausages can be bought in our butcher shop...

We also have rare dishes like offal, milt-sausage with potato salad and different Roasts. Everything in high quality, of course!

“Our homemade spaetzle are the insider tip”

Our Spaetzle, a traditional dish from the south of Germany, are made by an old recipe of our ancestors. It is the side dish of many meals, but can also be enjoyed with cheese, sauce and roasted onions. Adapted to the season, we offer Spätzle with herbs, hazelnuts or wild garlic.

“A great variety of vegetarian dishes”

Fine and fresh asparagus form the local farmers is available from the middle of April until June, an can be enjoyed with potatoes, wild garlic, and more...

Homemade strudel with spinach, vegetable lasagna, dishes with pasta, spinach dumplings and fresh salads can be found in our menu.

“Thursday is the day of our famous yeast-dumplings”

Our famous homemade yeast dumplings are the highlight of every Thursday! Made by only the Chef herself.

“Friday is for fish, veal-sausage and pastries”

Every Friday, we have baked fish with homemade potato salad, and other fish dishes like char and trout.

Start the day with our veal-sausages, mustard and a nice pretzel, Every Friday from 9 am!

Pastries like sweet pancakes, strudels, different mousse and many more are freshly made in our kitchen!

Every December we offer you our homemade Christmas cookies!

“Our own elderberry syrup”

We produce our own elderberry syrup every year, to mix it with water, wine or wheat beer...

“Traditional dishes”

Our restaurant is known for its outstanding, traditional Bavarian and local food. Offal, Roasts, Yeast Dumplings...not so easy to cook and even more difficult to find in a high quality!



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