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At our restaurant, bavarian food is cherished and preserved in a big variety and very traditional, like it´s supposed to be at a traditional restaurant in the “Brucker Land”.

Check out our menu below.

As we are the last restaurant with own butcher shop in the county of Fuerstenfeldbruck, we can offer a lot of Bavarian specialties.

For our little ones...
all meals can be ordered as a small portion...
...also childrens schnitzel, “spaetzle” (noodles), dumplings and fries!


Home-made potato-salad

or Home-made coleslaw

Small mixed salad

Large mixed salad

Potatoes with curd
and salmon
Mixed salad with roasted turkey hen and yogurt dressing 


We always have a typically Bavarian liver noodle soup and a vegetarian carrot-ginger soup with or without cream (lacto-and glutenfree)



Self-made cheese noodles (spaetzle) with roasted onions, sauce and mixed salad

Pesto pasta with parmesan and vegetables       

Potatoenoodles in mushroom-and-cream-sauce             

Vegetable lasagna with mixed salad



Codfish roasted, with lemonbutter, potatoes and vegetables                                                                   

Char served with almond butter, rice and broccoli 

Pork Dishes

from our own Butcher shop, every day freshly made!

Slices of roast pork
with potato dumpling and coleslaw

Half knuckle of pork
with potato dumpling and coleslaw

For hungry people... knuckle of pork
with potato dumpling and coleslaw

Home-made fried miltsausage
with potato salad

Pan fried pork escalope (Schnitzel) with french fries and mixed salad

"Cordon Bleu" escalope, filled with ham and cheese
with roasted potatoes and mixed salad
Pork loin with home-made noodles (spaetzle),
gratinated with ham and cheese, with mixed salad

Pork loin "hunter-style" with mushroom cream sauce,
home-made noodles (spaetzle), french fries and mixed salad

Medallions of pork filet with mushroom-cream sauce,
home-made noodles (spaetzle), all gratinated with cheese and cream

Beef and Turkey Hen

Grilled Turkey hen (steak)
served with vegetable rice and salad bouquet

Sirloin (Rump Steak)
- Classic
with french fries and vegetable
- Vital with mixed salad

Sirloin steak with roasted onions
with vegetables, french fries and home-made noodles (spaetzle)



Fine Afternoon snacks from our own butcher shop...

Slice of bread with ham or cheese

Warm or cold liver sausage with potato-salad

Home-made smoked ham or mixed plate...something for everyone!!

“Wurstsalat” salad made of strips of sausages, onions, gherkins

with oil and vinegar dressing...maybe some cheese with it!?

Collared Pork white, black or mixed with gherkins and onions

Homemade sausages like “Wiener”, “Pfälzer” and “Regensburger” with sauerkraut


Clowncup for our smaller guests

Espresso with vanilla ice cream

“Kaiserschmarrn” cut up and sugared pancake with apple puree

Fried slices of apple with vanilla ice-cream and cream

Every Thursday: Our famous yeast dumplings!!


High-Quality Beer is one of the most important products in our traditional Bavarian restaurant.

Since 1910 we have purchased our beer from a small private brewery in Maisach, which is specialized in fresh and natural finish beers.

The “Maisacher” Brewery has a wonderful beer selection:

From Räuber Kneißl tartly, dark beer from the barrel to "Kellerbier" unfiltered beer from the barrel, served in an old clay jug
and Maisacher Pils-Guitar from the bottle...

Not to forget: Maisacher wheat-beer from the barrel


...to clink glasses before a good meal...

Wheat beer appetizer with elderberry sirup

Bavarian sparkling wine from Nymphenburg

or a sparkling rosé with a raspberry


enjoy our house-wines red and white from a small town in Austria...

White Wine

Müller Thurgau from Bavaria

Grüner Veltliner from Austria

Riesling from Germany

Pinot Grigio from Italy

Red Wine

Zweigelt from Austria

Trollinger from Germany

Dornfelder from Germany

Merlot from Italy

Sparkling Wine

Prosecco Valdo

Rosé Sektkellerei Bottwartal



from the distillery “Prinz” close to the lake constance...

...made out of pear, raspberry, apricot, cherry or plum


Averna, Ramazzotti, Jägermeister, Grappa, Sambucca

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